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Review: Salem’s Lot by Stephen King


I have always loved Stephen King’s books. He has written a lot of books. I own a lot of his books. He is one of the authors that shows up a lot in my read shelf. But I had never read one of his most famous books – Salem’s Lot. I had to rectify that soon. I am going to try and read all of his books that are out this year. The operative word being “try”considering the sheer number of books he’s written. I thought I would start with Salem’s Lot, because don’t shoot me, I hadn’t read it yet.

While writing this I realize I haven’t really read very many vampire books other than Twilight. Or maybe none are coming to mind at the moment. Well I’m happy I’ve rectified that. 

I really quite liked Salem’s Lot. Stephen King has this knack of writing small towns. I know this is weird but to me it’s reminiscent of Christie’s St. Mary Mead. On the surface his towns seem perfect, but look closely and it has its secrets. The difference is King gives us a lot more detail and his towns are a lot more sinister sometimes. 

I could tell that this book was one of his early books. I could see parts of It and Tommyknockers in this book, what with the small town description, and a little of Needful Things, with the antagonists setting up an antique shop. I’m not saying these books were similar to a great degree, but I did get glimpses. This book felt a little more fast paced to me than his other books, where you get to know the characters a lot more, and not just the main ones. I’m not complaining but it’s an observation.  I just wanted a few more scenes with Mark and Ben Mears. 

I enjoyed this book thoroughly. It was a great place to start my journey of reading all of the books by King.  if rate it a 3.5/5 only because I’ve read his later efforts that were so much better and where he refined what he’d written here.

Which King book do you think I should pick up next? I’m not sure I’ll go  chronologically.

If you liked Salem’s Lot I’d recommend –

1. It by Stephen King

2. Phantoms by Dean Koontz


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