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Review: Beauty and the Beast


I have always been a huge Disney fan since I was a small child. So I was stoked to go watch the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. This Disney classic, I think, has a special place in most book lovers hearts as Belle herself is a bookworm. And to top it off, Belle is being played by Emma Watson who played our favourite bookworm in Harry Potter and is one in real life too. So there was no way I was going to miss watching this movie in the theater.

To better review this movie I watched the 1991 animated version once I got home. While I loved the animated version, and I still do, I prefer this version of the story better. I think it’s mostly got to do with the fact that I am a bit older and the way the live action movie was played is more up my alley now. We got a little more insight into the lives of our characters. We hear about both Beast’s and Beauty’s pasts in this version. Another advantage this movie adaptation has that the previous one does not is technology. The effects in this version was just superb. The songs remained the same but they did tweak them a little. I feel a couple of songs were a little more upbeat, like Be Our Guest and Gaston’s Song.

In the end this is a feel good movie. This is going on the list of movies that I would watch to make myself feel better on days I feel down or even on days I just want to relax. If Disney keeps up with making remakes of their classics I cannot wait to see what they do with The Little Mermaid or even Aladdin.

Highlights of the movie – 

1.Luke Evans as Gaston. He was channeling the essence of Gaston.

2. The Sets, costumes and the effects

3. Reliving your childhood. The nostalgia was strong in this one

Rating : 4/5

If you liked this movie I would recommend –

  1. Watch the original Beauty and the Beast
  2. Aladdin
  3. Read Beauty by Robin McKinley

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